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Underrated X The Message Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Underrated X The Message Lyrics.

Underrated X The Message Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Oh damn, I don’t really mean to snap
Like oh man, did he really come back?
Like ocean, these waves about to crash
I be blasting through the speakers like who that on the track?
Coz they ain’t ready, they never ready
I keep it steady, bars of steel, I keep it heavy
Coz when I roll up in the booth, they pay the levy
And when I put my foot up on the gas, I keep it revvin’
Yeah, I keep it revvin’
Coz they don’t wanna see me prosper (Whoo!)
They rather see me fall, who’s got ya? (Whoo!)
Taking aim, inflict a wound, who shot ya?
It’s no biggie, that’s the truth, call the doctor
Woah, I’m ice cold
I already know I am the Misfit
I’m in my zone, you already froze
Tryna make these digits, gimme the codes
And in my city, I’m never trippin’
I’m just living, keeping busy, killing it all
Swiftly, prep time like I was cheffing
It’s easy, take what’s mine, no – greedy
Leave you numb, no feeling
Yeah, I’m taking shots – no vaccine
I need a bad bitch, no Fetty Wap – trap queen
Oh, they thinking it’s crazy
Well, I think it’s amazing
Coz I be killing and ripping this shit
But I be doing it daily
And I’m never looking for handouts
Unless your hands are from the damn crowds
[The Message][Interlude]
Haha, did y’all think I was finished?
You ain’t ready for the Misfit
Let’s get it[Verse 2]
Uh, I’m not finished, I came to deliver like takeout
No split roads, I know which way to take route
I came here to outshine, to leave you speechless, surprised
And your whole face wow’d
Oh, quit acting like I’m minuscule
You speak to much, just keep it very minimal
I came to do my part like I was the missing tool
Hiding out like I was a missing fool
Wow but I’m scheming and plotting
Good intentions and reasons, that’s why I ain’t stopping
This flow is so wild like rapids you dropping
It’s the Misfit on the mic so keep ya head on, bopping
Yeah, got bad habits like government with taxes
I come in swinging like lumberjacks and axes
I’m to action packed, that’s why they try deny me access
My Bars are too fuego, that’s “Fire” in Spanish[Outro]
I’ve learnt to many lessons
I always count my blessings
So, come and take chance with me
I’m preaching out my message
I’ve learnt to many lessons
I always count my blessings
So, come and take chance with me
I’m preaching out my message

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