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WICKED GYAL ERA Freestyle Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you WICKED GYAL ERA Freestyle Lyrics.

WICKED GYAL ERA Freestyle Lyrics

Bay bumboclawt noise
Twinkle dis
Twinkle dat
Leggo mi name and guh kick rocks
(Yeahee) (Yeah)
Jus check mi bank account
Face, body and tight hole
Nuh short a nunn
Yuh crazy?
Run dung who?
Fraid a wah?
Yaah dunce? mtchewww

Verse1Wicked gyal era
Femme fatale
Mi nuh know no betta
A criminal
Dem woulda
Lock mi up if good pussy did illegal
Money upfront
No free features
Everybody want a touch
Wish yuh good luck ’cause mi nuh easy fi fuck
Mi nah lick nunn til yuh suck mine fus’
Dis yah offer tek it, mi will mek yuh famous
Das right!
Mi zodiac a di dollar bill sign
Love cash
Yeah mi pretty and spoil
Big shot
A nuh likkle pi pi
Yuh cyaan compare
Doh badda try
Mi face card have yet fi decline
It еvident seh mi eena mi prime
A wha somе eediat gyal feel like
Mi nuh tek chat
Suck yuh mada goodbye
Verse 2Dem hate mi fi mi owna money
Glad mi have di supm pon mi
All now mi nuh run inna a gyal weh brave enough fi grab mi
Seh har man a don but when mi check it
Him a nuh nuhbady
Bad by miself
Cyaan’ tel when mi eva panic
Soon as yuh think yuh get weh
Yuh get beat
And any gyal weh yuh see mi ’round got a piece
Eva waan’ squeeze
Fuck around and see
Mi doh friendly
Suh nuh get comfy
When a man love cuss mi treat dat like shit
Him doh have a pussy but a act like bitch
Mi step lef dat and move on dats it
Step lef dat and move on dats it

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