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Looking Back (feat. Flarbius) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Looking Back (feat. Flarbius) Lyrics.

Looking Back (feat. Flarbius) Lyrics

[Verse 1: B. Wells]
B. Wells is back
Man, I look back and all I see is headlines
They tryna get me to rhyme, but I don’t got too much time
Why they makin’ a hate crime when all I do is spit fye
We on the track at midnight, let’s take a ride up to the sky
Doug wasn’t ready for this type of vibe the space is tight, the vocals dry, we gotta drop in that spice
Do it like Miami Vice, shoot your ting, you know it’s high
But if you quittin’ on the cypher, just know you gon get a fight
Why you tryna pay me a dime, gimme a lemon, ain’t no limes
Ain’t no lines around here, fines around herе, we don’t get to reply
Wе don’t got to be shy, take an eye for eye
Don’t be the guy who lied just be the one to define the relationship between you and I
Ain’t no more silence when you gonna get another reason for the violence
Everybody in the world wants a pilot, but you’re never gonna get if you riot
Play the game, you just get the time in, play by the rules, you get a likkle frightened
I see as well as your sight is, so watch out for the lightnin’
Blindin’, might just have to guide your right wing
When I’m on the track I try to sing and I try to swing but when I do the ting it’s sickenin’
I’m glistenin’ and I’m sick of the same old fling, the same old bling that I wear like a ring
I gotta change it, let’s get ragin’ back to Yung Penguin
[Verse 2: Flarbius]
Ok, ok, drip on my neck, drip on my wrist
Pass like assist
I get the money, I’m the future legend
Everyone think it’s funny, but I am present
Call me Joyce TRC, ’cause I’m all about the cash
Call me Jay-Z, ’cause I gotta do the dash
Call me Michael Jordan because it’s all in the pass
Call me Cameron Jordan ’cause it is all about the sack
I do this shit ’cause I want to, who are you?
You a bitch, I am rich
I’m the big fish
I’m so litty
All these haters shitty
This beat’s gritty

[Verse 3: Jabez Z]
Why the fuck we lookin’ back, we past that shit
Fuck Zack, I’m pass that shit
I’m runnin’ tracks, I’m fast as shit
Seein’ open closed shit, y’all never noticed the better parts of the flow is so sick
They fuckin’ skit’s ya’ll, I’m only jokin’
Growin’ up, it was obvious ADHD
Never diagnosed, but strongly enforced
Anger issues developed of course
I was forced to move in with a bipolar, who dictated my mind like a psycho ward
This was prediction, pre-subscription, insubmissive
Therapy books I’d read, just to get released
Never understood what was meant for me, until one day I found my peace
Picked up a camera and started recordin’
That was the beginning of my dream, that was Always Strong beginning
Now you see me, I’m motherfuckin’ Jabez Z!
Never weak, but always well
Now I’m lookin’ back to see all the haters lined up to hear me speak
Never doubt me again bitch

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