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Quality Control j solomon Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Quality Control j solomon Lyrics.

Quality Control j solomon Lyrics

Can I be honest for a minute?
Feel like I never get the chance
You need still water for a reflection
I can’t hold still with shaky hands
I hope that you never forgive me
I know that I’ll never forget
The year it took to pick myself back up when I
Fell down again

I know that I’ve been acting different
Hope that’s not some big surprise
I can’t feel like I’m seventeen again
Writing songs about my eyes
No, I can’t be that kid I used to
Driving down the 95
I cut my Chevy through the quiet but all I saw wеre cloudy skies
I saw a vision of a woman
In cop car lights through my window
But it was crystalline and fleeting
Likе the place I called my home
I fell asleep in some green pasture
I braved the nighttime and the cold
I closed my eyes and saw a city
I tied ’em up and I let it all goAnd by the way
I know it’s old news
I swear I’ll try to let it go
I’m checking over all my old work
And doing quality control

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