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SP4C3 Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you SP4C3 Lyrics.

SP4C3 Lyrics

And she know I’m out of ways yeah
Oh no!
Bitch I’m going out to space, yeah
Don’t do it Kire!

Yeah, she said she needs some space, yeah
Bitch, I’m running out of ways, yeah, ayy
Off my mind I can’t erase ya, yeah, ayy
Bitch, I’m out in space, yeah, woah (Bitch I’m out in space, skrrt)
I can’t feel my face, yeah
We let it go to waste, yeah (Go to waste, go to waste)
Shorty pull up to my place, yeah (To my place, to my place)
Bitch, I’m feeling great, yeah (Oh no!)
Popping all these pills, bitch I’m not finna wake up
She told me she don’t want another breakup
She got that rarе beauty, she don’t need no makeup
Baby girl you know that I cannot rеplace ya
Ayy, yeah, why these people mad? Yeah (Thes people really mad, yeah)
All these hoes on me, I ain’t know what to say, yeah (I ain’t know what to say, yeah)
This is off the top, off the brain, yeah (Off the brain, yeah)
Bitch already know I go insane, yeah (Oh no!)
I didn’t wanna let go
She put it all in her throat
Bought her a Burberry coat
She go wherever I go
Shorty gon’ cop that swag
She got a Birkin bag
Smoking all kinds of pack, yeah
We don’t flex, we brag
Ayy, woah
I was screamin’ (I was screamin’)
Dropped my demons (Dropped my demons)
Now we dreamin’ (Now we dreamin’)
Smoking that keef, no Chief (Yeah)
Ball like Sosa, bitch (Woah)
Messi I’m on the pitch (Yeah)
We just way too rich
Messi the G.O.A.T, yeah (Uhh, uhh)
Le meto el gol, yeah (Uhh, uhh)
Jugamos fútbol, yeah (Uhh, uhh)
Con mota y alcohol, uhh (Uhh, uhh)
I hop on a boat, yeah
Shoutout Lil Yachty
Whippin’ the Rari, uhh
Respeto pa’ Bali, yeah
Poppin’ the molly, yeah
Fumando la mari
Me voy pa’ La Cali
Todo el tiempo con la mente pensando en dinero
Se me olvida que familia siempre va primero
Voy tranquilo, no me estreso, yo hago lo que quiero
Tengo hermanos que defiendo como el Kun Agüero[Outro]
Ayy, yeah, I’m going cray, yeah
Bitch, you know I go insane, yeah, ayy
Shoot them in the fucking brain, yeah
With a sniper from a range, yeah

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