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3000GT Lyrics

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3000GT Lyrics

Oh no!
Don’t do it Kire!

Pull up on you fuckers with a motherfucking laser (Ohh, yeah)
Butterfly GT, that shit be looking like a racer (Yeah)
Motherfuckers hatin’ but they really be some glazers
Cutting through them checks, I’m looking sharp just like a razor (Cutting through them checks I’m looking sharp)
Bitch, I’m getting paper (Woah)
She like Widowmaker (Okay!)
Baddie, I’mma take her (Yeah!)
Pentakill, I’m Faker (Huh)
Cuz she know I’m a player (Player)
I feel like John Mayer (John Mayer)
Metal shit like Slayer (Woah)
Bitch I am a rockstar, yeah
Smoking on that haze everyday
You know that we dazed, we don’t play
You and me, that shit was fake
I’m just sayin’, time to turn the page, yeah
Bitch, I feel like Leon Kennedy (Wait!)
I’m losing my sanity (Follow me)
You should lose your vanity (Woah)
She’s my final fantasy (Okay)
Let me sing you Gravity (Damn)
Then we’ll do profanities
Damn, I’m on lean, I’m on xans, yeah (Okay)
She my queen, matching jeans and the Vans, yeah (Yeah, ahh, ahh)
Soy un adicto a la moda (Yeah)
Siempre fumando la droga (Woah)
Mezclando mi guaro con soda (Huh)
La pongo en mi cama a hacer yoga
La borré ya de mi memoria
Me dice que soy una escoria (Trash)
Ahí se termina la historia porque en el amor nunca hay escapatoria
Ahora yo busco la gloria (Huh)
Peleando me siento Midoriya (Smash!)
Conseguimos ya la victoria

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