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Money Bags Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Money Bags Lyrics.

Money Bags Lyrics

[Intro: ConchezYout]
Ay, ay, ay

[Chorus: Dillmatic]
I got money bags under my eyes, eyes, eyes
Gettin’ to it Monday straight to Friday-day (Ay)
She from New York, she gon’ keep it spicey (Spicey-spicey)
Crusin’ in and out and through the tristate, crusin’
Young niggas like to keep it icy (Icy-icy)
Lit this bitch up just like the fireplace (Fire-fire)
5’7″ but the brody 5’8″
Said she love my mindstate, I drive her cray Yeah-yeah
I got what you want, I got what you need, yeah
Put me on your time, I keep you up to speed, yeah

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