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9MM Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you 9MM Lyrics.

9MM Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Gune]

9mm tip, mixed with the 9 millimeter penis
Shut the fuck up bitch, suck my penis
What the fuck else rhyme with the word penis?
Prolly nothing else, ima fly to Venus
Need to warm up, ‘cause I be too cold
My attitude, with the wrist on froze
You an auction, man yo ass got sold
You be with your slimes, like they in a nose
He not at yo shows, he be sucking cock
You ain’t ever cuff, she is not on lock
We be off the grid, like we off the block
We be off the spliff, walking in a flock
Waka Flocka Flame I just killеd a man, rush him to the emergеncy room real quick
Had to lace his shoes, he gon’ slip when we got the mop, he gon’ stick out like a fucking prick
This a muhfuckin’ stick up like my fuckin’ dick
Diamonds be glowing like a fuckin’ stick
I’m cheesy as fuck, that’s why I’m with the clique
Try me right now, ‘cause I don’t owe shit
A rich white man, like I don’t give a damn
Too much green, but it ain’t Sam I am
Too much water, I be like a dam
I got squirted on by a bitch I rammed
[Verse 3: IN]
Lari, got me back on this like I took a piss, now its time to diss
How you got 100k on yo song but 2k followers, boy what the shit
You think you cold, boy you a bitch, stop botting views, fucking suck my dick
You know what rhymes with the word dick?
It’s my fucking stick, this shit go boom Your ass finna bloom, leave you in a tomb, fuck did you think?
Pull out my dick out all on that flick, like I’m on onlyfans fucking your bitch
I run this shit, like magic tricks fuck a hogwarts I’ma spell my name on this bitch, with my cum and she loving this shit
Ayy, Offbeat Boyz[Verse 4: HILARIOUSCOCK & IN]
Know I never lack, I gotta dildo boy I got the strap
Hit them from the back, swinging my ballsack
I got your bro fucking on my face
Eating that cum and I know it’s laced
Eating my ass and that bitch loves the taste
I feel like Tay-K, I’m doing the race
I wouldn’t even wanna’ beat the case
I’d even want my train to get taped (fuckin’ hot)
Call up your mother, she’s feeding me grapes
9-millimeter, it’s fucking his face
Please pry my ass open like a safe
Got that 9-millimeter if it’s not safe
9-millimeter, it’s fucking his face
9-millimeter, it’s fucking his face
9-millimeter, it’s fucking his- hey, hey let’s go

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