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Midnight jam (interlude) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Midnight jam (interlude) Lyrics.

Midnight jam (interlude) Lyrics

Yo, haha
You know what I’m saying?
HHC, you know what I’m saying?
You know we ain’t playing, uh
We got the instrumentalists in this place
About to turn this shit up
Let’s turn the fucking noise on this
Sunseeker’s, ready, oh let’s go!

I just wanna say shoutout to everybody that worked on the album, you feel me?
My name is kuri ken, I am the host, I am the president of HHC
This semester we are the Sunseekers
And we got a bunch of people
A bunch of talented artists, producers, uh engineers, instrumentalists that worked on the track
I’m just gonna name ‘em off
Uh, we got boyponder
We got bloominous
Shoutout to bloominous on this fucking beat, it’s crazy
We got Castronovo
Genaro jr
JRjoos, also with Hiraeth Ink co-producing the album
I would say he’s the fucking wizard behind this fucking whole thing
We got JIN!WA
We got Ranon Herman, the fart man himself, big gas
We got cal maeleo
We got Vexxed
We got dominic
We got Saori on this trumpet right here, uh, right here
It’s like Apollo K
We got me, kuri ken
We got Night High
We got K-Oz, Jayson Chrome with some drill shit
We got some Kore, also the second part of the dynamic duo of Hiraeth Ink on this, so
Dmytro with the saxophone
We got Alexia
We got Much, just a little too much sometimes
We got Danny Z on the fucking beats
And Ethan C, too
Jordan Sanchez
D. Rew
Will Schmitty
Carlos Nedev
Zheko Nedev
Benjamin Young
Joy Yang
We got fuckin… Thombo on the remix
We got Cailyn and Welly on the album art, it’s looking so sick
We got fucking VORBORG, we got fucking OG HHC
Heather Shwartz
Abbey Mullen with the spoken word
And Matthew’s Mom
Shoutout to Matthew’s Mom
Uh, we got HHC mommas on this track, because…
Not track, we got it on the album
Because we’re family

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