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I’m Here Lyrics

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I’m Here Lyrics

For all the times in the jungle
To remain humble
For all my bros that I’ve lost
Man it’s been a struggle
To each and ever one of my kids
Y’all know daddy love ya
& to my fans
That supported through DaKidd’s Hustle

I remember plenty nights mama at the table
Stressing about how she gone pay the light
Water and the cable
Big Bro (Gwapp) wasn’t able
Locked down behind them walls
Big Sis (Ape ) wasn’t stable
Miles away like why so far
Just me and my little siblings
Tried to stay up on my pivot
Daddy was gone, & til this day
Naw I don’t respect it
I don’t give a damn who don’t like it
Cuz I’m my own man
Graveled from the dirt many times
Blood on my hands
Better check the resume
Never did ask for handouts
Those who lended handouts
I respect the fact that you stood out
You gotta like me
You don’t even have to speak me
1 thing for certain
And 2 fasho
Put some RAspect on me
I live for what I stand for
& I’ll die for what I stand for
If GOD with me
Who’s gonna be against me
When I’m the devil tho
Riddle me this
Riddle me that
Why so serious
For White or Black
Discrimination, the degrading of races
We’re supposed to look to those
That kill us & lie bout the cases
Or better yet the corps
That still want to mentally slave us
UnderPay us
I’m telling ya GODTalk at its greatest
Sometimes I hate that I’m a Gemini
A stand up guy, 2 personalities w 2 minds
Since they took my brother
All I been thinking is homicide
Time to ride
Make e mama cry
Somebody gotta fly
Ine lying
I know what they gone say
Man Respect my mind
Yea it’s flying
Enough said
Ine ducking nothing na
Yea na
I remember back in the g na
Solo dolo
Little geek from Kennedy ha
Born a hustler
But didn’t see it til the age 13 na
He ain’t bout nothing
We’ll try me na
Now he rapping
Him too
They doubted me na
You should come see one of my shows
You wouldn’t want to leave ha
In it for the bankrolls
Comma de se pesos
Akuna ma tata
Ya gal know who’s hotter
Like you ain’t kno
I’m drippy
I’m saucy
I’m dripping
Expensive fuego
Clean up on isle fine
Dark chocolate on her mind oh
I’m dropping on em like a porter potty
Yea my queen bad
Why you so mad
She screams out
Pappa daddyUhhh
Taylor Made down to my feet
Switch me up on em
That vanz & jet splash
Yep that’s on meUhhh
Yea this my year
Humble as I can ever be
To sit on my chairUhhh
And ine playing with em
Get it
The music group
You know I’m with em
Either you love me
Or you hate me
Either way it goes
Ine goin till god take me
So get used to it
I’m what you all made me
My hustles automatic
And fans go crazy
RAspect ItI’M HERE!

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