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Flag Shopping Lyrics

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Flag Shopping Lyrics

Yo, we’re going flag shopping
I pledge allegiance to the flag
Of the United States of America

[Verse 1]
We’re going flag shopping for American flags
They’re staring at our turbans
They’re calling them rags
They’re calling them towels
They’re calling them diapers
They’re more like crowns
Let’s strike them like vipers
I know why they mad
But why call us A-rabs
We sad like they sad
But now we buy they flags
Spying on our Muslim brother
While staring at our mother
Lover they some bad mother fuckers

We’re going flag shopping
We’re going flag shopping
The kids are throwing stones
We complain but they ain’t stopping
On your way to the top
And now they want you to stop
Your mama pray to god
But your dad’ll lose his job

Your dad mad cause he lost all clients
Dad, why you crying?
I thought that we had the spirit of the lion
He take it out on you
His belt big like Orion’s
The NSA be spyin’

We’re going American flag shopping
Red, white, blue on our crib
The neighbors threw rocks at the house
They making it harder to live

They wanna shorter version
They wanna nickname
They wanna Toby us
Like we Kunta Kinte

[Verse 2]
Federal agents tap my mobile phone
And use drones to track my mobile home
The towers hit the planes
I guess it was written
But now they all lookin’ at us different
They lookin’ at us different
They lookin’ at us different
Yo, why they lookin’ at us different?

They wakin’ up my friend at night for no reason
They promised him freedom
Now he guilty for treason
The kids are leaving school
They’re all misleading tools
And I was there
I saw the towers and the planes
And I’ll never be the same
Never ever be the same
I seen things that I never wanna see again
I heard things that I never wanna hear again
And now we’re going flag shopping

[Hook (x2)]

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