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Harry Styles – High Tides Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Harry Styles – High Tides Lyrics.

Harry Styles – High Tides Lyrics

[Verse 1]
These lines
Make it hard for me, honestly I
Think I’m blind half of the time
And it’s gettin’ harder to see them
When you are bruised but you can’t see it, do you forget how much it hurts at the time?
When you’re just starting to feel it

When shit’s get too thick, you’d be here right now
If I never let you down
Will fault you by design
High tides

[Verse 2]
And there’s you
Lookin’ lost in a hospital bed
We can’t mind of guiltin’ a crime
I think you wanted to keep it

Kills me to think that I let you down
Now you’re scared in your hometown

Will fault you by design
And time
Can take you by surprise
High tides

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