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I’ll Explain Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you I’ll Explain Lyrics.

I’ll Explain Lyrics

I’ll ex- I’ll explain later
(Run that back, Turbo)

I’ll explain (Explain)
Built up my whole name
Niggas ain’t pay the way (Niggas ain’t pay the way)
Ain’t ever been no sleep nah
I don’t wanna wear no chain (I don’t wanna wear no chain)
Ain’t shopping out no favors
None of you made a change (None of you made a change)
Change (Change)
I’ll explain (Explain)
Gunna don’t throw no shade nah
Good music come with fame (Good music come with fame)
Ain’t got time for no cage
You know police tryna detain (Police tryna detain)
Finally bounce in my own lane
Niggas still ridin’ my wave (Niggas still ridin’ my wave)
[Verse 1]
Cartier (Cartier)
Push that shit in my clear frame
See a fake (See it)
Promethazine in my styrofoam (Styrofoam)
Come to a fate (To it)
Police came with adderall (Addy)
On fool’s day (Damn)
My bitch thick like Kash Doll (Kash Doll)
When you bust down M’s
Make sure it’s with yo real dawg (With yo real dawg)
Ice dreams used to kick this shit

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