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Unins000 Lyrics

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Unins000 Lyrics

Do you want to uninstall the program?

[Verse 1]
Oh all the games that we play
Insane with the brain
For the fame that won’t stay
They think a man weak
For the pain he displays
So the truth stays hidden
When he raves on the stage
They want me to stay
For these chains, we a slave
Money talks, what you say
Blow away what you save
Digging holes through the wall to escape
I was married to the game
Now I’m way too estranged
The games that we play
Names that we say
To arrange this array
Full of tracеs of faces the place blеw away
Oh what a waste, what he say if he a sage
Time is an illusion, dissolution is great
Perusing the rules is a ruse that we chase
The road is really bumpy, that’s a cruise on the wave
I let these bread crumbs trace the ways that I pave
But my sampler is gone, there’s no records on the crate
Layers on the player, and the greatness a trait
Running out of time as the lateness awaits
I got to keep up, upkeeping my state
Why you peeking in my safe?
Nothing really safe
Might take this information that I save to the grave
Hard drive filling up, Wartime killing us
Part time driller sound boring, you feeling us?
Ask God where the ceiling was
Laid off the herb
Let the words do the healing
Cause I only need nothing
Nothing lasts, that’s appealing
There’s a hero inside of the mask where the villain was
Do you want to delete the saved files?[Verse 2]
The playtime is over now
Not high, I’m sober now
Feeling like a supernova now
It’s over now (It’s over now)
Floating through the space and time (Floating)
Can’t be out here wasting time (Wasted)
Trying to erase these files[Hook]
I can’t save you no more
I can’t save you no more
I can’t save you no more
I can’t save you no more[Outro]
Uninstalled successfully!

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