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Setup.exe Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Setup.exe Lyrics.

Setup.exe Lyrics

[Elon Musk]
Well maybe we’re in a simulation right now
Heh yeah, seriously

[David Letterman]
Like Mr. Musk thinks, are we living in simulation?[Neil deGrasse Tyson]
So this is a world and I program in the laws that govern that world
That world will have it’s own physics and chemistry
Now you’re a character in that world
And you think you have free will
And think I want to invent a computer, so you do
Hey! I want to create a world in my computer
And then that world creates a world in its computer
And then you have simulations all the way down
[Omar Little]
The game is out there
And it’s either play or get playedInstallation Complete!

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