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Chrysalis (feat. Jordin Revel) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Chrysalis (feat. Jordin Revel) Lyrics.

Chrysalis (feat. Jordin Revel) Lyrics

Hush, let the comets quieten
For a tender chrysalis now comes undone
Pushing back the pupal curtains
The wings of a fresh earth
Delicate yet bold
Begin to cascade outward
From their familiar embrace

At wings first peek
The fresh earth welcomes in
The first splash of light
Upon it’s novel plane
Slipping through the splits
Of the frail cocoon
Soaking into the rich turf birthed beneath
Beams of life dance
From blades to beds
With each glint seeming
More еffervescent
Than thе last
Putting on a display that
Would cast tears from
The driest of stonesBemused in a state of whimsy
The wind lets out a
Sheepish laugh of excitement
Gusts giggling and whispering
Amongst the trees
Sending leaves spinning
Into a curtsy
Making the forests
Smile from ear to earPraise the land beneath us
Sense it’s vast depth
Touch the walls of our verdant monastery
Feeling the dew of the first morning
Coat the tips of your fingers and
Shimmer in brilliance when met
With the eye of the sun
The silence of beginnings is sacred
The moment before life happens and
The winds of tomorrow blow us into
New skies to be present under
Let us hold onto this lull
While it still lingers in the airThank you
Thank you
Thank you

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