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Unpainted Arizona Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Unpainted Arizona Lyrics.

Unpainted Arizona Lyrics

Watch the credits roll like they finally got hitched
Or he finally got mitched, or they finally got hip
To the way they beep to your hip
Now you deep in some shit
Burn the bridges, lick the stitches
Leave some trees for the kids
Hand the keys to your kin
Feel the seas on my fin
The way we breathing out these demons they gon need oxygen
And it’s Vodka for the guys, if it’s on the weekend
Impalas follow the Benz, but I keep quiet my sins
Acquire the ends, til I’m saying bye to my friends
I’m flying again, dark son, vivrant man
Chop tonguеs, son of the same, it’s summer again
And thе sum of the knots large, but some of it’s spent
And some of it’s not large, but the sum of it is
Protestant pimp, big kid, cross walk with a limp
If I fall to the pigs, fill my coffin with shrimp
If I fall to the —

He tried to off himself in the whip, but he landed the trick
Atlantic wind chill wicked where I banished my wrist
Animal print ends stiff as the hand turns to fist
Accurate trip, we just stopped on Saturn to piss
Acura Vig, matte black and matador red
Cash on my head, my friends fired back at the feds
Armored King stood deep in the land of the free
Carnal scenes, they eat meat where I planted my feet
Panamera wheezing, breathing out the Panama breeze
The Sandlot reprieve, GILA through the ball to the beast
Animal leash, harness all the dogs in my speech
Talk to the seas, I just sold my sand to the beach
Kimberly Pink-Black Zachary with Mastodon teeth
Gucci crew, you look like Sally to me in Valium valley
Bally’s flexing like my daddy with a gap in my teeth
Bally’s flexing like my —
Unpainted Arizona color Porsche doing donuts
Doctor patient relations strained since I hung my phone up
Post up, post up, patience thinner my cold cuts
Sindy sinner, squid ink dinner on the silver screen
Sidney Lumet, Prince of every city east of the Maine
Faced a felony for moving case of Beaujolais
Coldest rain, Roscoe P. with colder chain, Polar frame
Blow the case, codefendant just spoke my name

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