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The Beast In You Lyrics

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The Beast In You Lyrics

To the naked eye, you’re absolutely peerless
You’re brainy, brawny, fearless
And you know what you’re about
And I tell myself you’re such a manly specimen
No matter what a mess I’m in
You’ll surely get me out

But would you?
Or have I misunderstood you?
When I’m in a crisis
And I ask what your advice is
Do you know what you’ll answer?
Do you know what you’ll do?[Verse 1]
The scene is darkest Africa
The water’s nice and hot
The cannibals have got me
Salt and peppered for their pot
Then you come running down thе fray
And this is what you say:
“Well dearest, cannibals havе rights just like any other people.”[Chorus]
That’s what you’d do!
That’s exactly what you’d do!
Where is the beast in you?
[Verse 2]
A pair of savage bloodhounds
Are a-thirsting for the kill
If one dog fails to eat me up
The other surely will
They’re gaining fast with open jaws
You enter and we pause
“Darling, what did you do to provoke those dogs?”[Chorus]
That’s what you’d do!
That is exactly what you’d do!
Where is the beast in you?[Bridge]
I don’t ask for a high-minded hero
As fair and understanding as can be
Always ready to pursue
The other fellow’s point of view
Always searching for the truth
To set us freeHe’s a liberal
Well, dandy
It’s just that I demand he be
A narrow-minded, small-horizoned
Partisan, opinionated
Bigoted, reactionary mule
When it comes to me…
[Verse 3]
I’m huddled on the doorstep
And I cannot pay the rent
The landlord with a mustache
Is an evil, leering, gent
Then through the blinding snow you come
And tell your little chum;
“Well tenants never do understand these things, it costs money to run an apartment.”[Chorus]
That’s what you’d do!
That is exactly what you’d do!
Where, oh where
Is the beast in you?

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