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Eren Jaeger Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Eren Jaeger Lyrics.

Eren Jaeger Lyrics

I’ve been waiting for the one
Got no vow, I’m the devil of paradise
Bringing memories, Gotta forge my own path
My friends tryna stop me, but I gotta live my wrath
I cannot stop it ‘cause it’s written in my mind
I know what I gotta do I gotta lose my smile
For the future of my kin, I’m making the pain last
For the other side, I’ll turn them to the past
Make my friends hate me, but I gotta do this fast

Ooh, I know this is wrong
But I want my friends to live so imma be strong
Where did I go wrong? What have I done
This was never fun
I’m missing all the days where I looked the sky
Now my fate telling me that imma soon die
I never knew why, I never knew why
Can’t even cry, even if I tried
Where I’ve been, I been playing mind games
With the other side
They all soon gonna die, they all soon gonna die
Its for my people, I’ll let other side die
Its for my people, I’ll let other side die
All the walls they will crumble down
They will fall you will tumble down
Down, down

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