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I Aint No Snitch Lyrics

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I Aint No Snitch Lyrics

But I ain’t no snitch
It’s for my real niggas, man
Real niggas only, man
Y’all stand up

My nigga Joe got them bows at his granny crib
But I would never tell where his granny lives
Man, every day that nigga blow a pound
I’ll never tell his grandma stay off seven mile
Police, I know they watching, I never tell
‘Cause I ain’t trying to see my niggas go to jail
Trail just hit the road, he ’bout to make a sale
He said he gon’ be back home like around 12
Niggas ain’t no real killers like my nigga Phil
Kill the nigga, put the gun where that nigga live
But I can’t speak about that shit ’cause that’s an open case
Told Phil “Chill at the crib, bro and play it safe”
But shout out to my nigga J
He killed the nigga then he moved down to the A
But the police’ll never find where he stay
I posted a picture at his crib just the other day
Ay, but let me chill ’cause the fed’s listening
My nigga Steve killed a nigga and killed the witness
And threw their body in the water like some fishes
He still work at Applebee’s though, doing the dishes
I gotta rap about this shit ’cause this shit my life
My nigga K did a month, was ‘posted to do life
He said his lawyer was a beast, he put up a fight
Then he packed all his shit and booked him a fight
Let me tell you how my nigga B killed a man
Shot that nigga 10 times right there in his hand
Then left that nigga laying by the garbage can
I’m ’bout to upload the video to Instagram
My nigga Ant shot a nigga for a Playstation
Then went and got the footage from the gas station
Ay, but the police’ll never find it
Because he left the tape with his baby mama
My nigga Dante here, he a real savage
He done got away with muthafuckin’ ten stabbins
He’ll never get caught and he’s still packin’
I’ll never tell his real name Will Allen
Nigga, ’cause I ain’t a snitch
Mike killed his baby mama, he hated that bitch
But I ain’t a snitch
Bitch I’m too legit
Yeah nigga
Real nigga shit, man
I’ll never told on none of my niggas
Not my nigga Eddie
My nigga- my nigga George
My nigga Dante, here
My nigga Mike
My nigga Lil Harold
I’ll never tell on them niggas, man
I’ll never tell on my nigga Phil, man
I’ll never tell on Dante
I swear to god
I love them niggas, man
But let me chill ’cause the fed’s listenin’

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