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​the game of life Lyrics

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​the game of life Lyrics


She jumped in the fire said it doesnt hurt
I wish it was me and it wasn’t her
Told myself i would stop talkin bout other people
I dont make promises it doesnt matter if i keep em
Lookin thru the peephole i see evil
Tryna keep my feed clean i can’t repost you
Why you really acting like im supposed to?
I dont know you, you dont know me
Gotta get nine kills for the pave low
And i know i gotta work but the pays low
Everything i do feels like im faking it
I hate this shit
Yea ill shoot my shot
But im banking it
Im safe as shit
Hate this game i hate the fact that im playing it at all
Im getting worse at playing it off
Say my hearts not in it and youre getting pissed off
Didn’t mean to be like thisAnd them racks came in like crazy
Head spinning off the liquor feel like
Jim Lahey
If you ask me if im good
Ill say maybe
Can’t ever be sure in this life
I swear to myself that ill do it right this time
I won’t set myself back
Won’t comitt suicide(venusiann)Holy prayer
See the dragon, i’ma fight, i’m the slayer
Meet your maker
Grab a light, and light the light on the altar
Sick, i need a doctor
(money getting taller)
Circle getting smaller
Tell me is it wrong, for me to make a song..
About you in bad blood?
I’ll be gone, all season
(and it won’t be long) when i’m bleeding
(yeah, i just wanna know, wherever could we go?)
W-walking on my tippy toes through the unknown
Oh wait, i see a door..
It’s sinking through the floor..
(i think i’m going crazy) yeah, it was there before..
Okay i’m trippin on these potions
I don’t know your motive (my heart you stole it)
Should i even trust you? i don’t know

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