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Apocalypse Of My Heart Lyrics

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Apocalypse Of My Heart Lyrics

The Guns Have Been Fired
The War Between Me And You Has Ended
Your Words Killed Me
Cut Me Like A Knife
It’s Killing Me Inside
Shattering Me Like Glass
I Wish You Wouldn´t Have To Be Such A Distant Memory
Because I´m Starting To Miss You
The War Has Begun Again
The Tears Are Falling Babyyyyyy
My Pain Was Your Gain
I Feel It All Coming Back To Me Noww
Can´t You Feel It Now

You Are The Apocalypse Of My Heart
The Disaster That Will Come Crashing Down On Me
You Have Caused Chaos In My Head
Making Me Believе That Your Words Didn’t Mean A Thing
Even Though You Watched Mе Cry
Your Apocalypse Is Gonna Kill Me Now
Boom Boom The Bombs Have Gone Off Now
You Have Fired The Gun That Shot Me Through The Heart And Made Me Bleed On This FloorOutro
Did You Love Me?
Did You Fucking Love Me?
Be Honest Baby
Did You Actually Love Me? Like You Always Said You Did
Or Did You Fucking Lie To Me?

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