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Jimmy’s Tale Lyrics

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Jimmy’s Tale Lyrics

[G Rider]
Attack and destroy, resources amount
America, America, tell me how you got down
Living in the summertime, living in the underground
And rap is the sound of downtown
Let me smoke a blunt, floss and clown
Cuz everybody loves rap if speakers make the bass bound
If the system ain’t thumping then the people ain’t jumping around
Gimme rap with that deep bass sound
I don’t give a fuck about world renowned
A king wears a dead man’s crown
In a minute while I’m hinting sitting down
A search being led by a bloodhound
Looking for love in the lost and found
Sitting in your home with the stereo surround
A true pigeon never wants to leave the mound
A room with a bong

Fuck it cuz I can, take it like a man
Nothing to understand, no reason to wonder
Above this underland never do shit but rise and cover
Watching all that happens and melting down like butter
Grab the mic, start rapping and try not to stutter
The rhythm’s made of passion, I let it take me under
Spontaneous action forever undercover
Divide satisfaction, erase all the numbers
Rider everlasting, rolling like no other
Paranoid and crazy sitting in the corner
Vision getting hazy as I cross the border
No ifs, ands, or maybes, infinitely out of order
Steadily fading away as I remember
Why I was created to maintain like forever
[Swank Daddy]
Bending, spinning, swimming, hinted
Ending, beginning, lended, bending
Finning, grinning, shimming, hemping
Rented, dimming, sending, blended
Hinted, sinning, surrended
Ending and suspended, tormented, relented
Renting, repented, inventing
Corresponding, trimming, codescent attending
Mixing and match the whole nine
Play the game if you feel finer
Rims with no doubtful, yes
Don’t come through this door with all that flesh
Mission: get it done, with or without the Sun
The sum of all these fears, the lack of all this life
Meet us after dark if you’re down around tonight
Meet us after dark if you’re down to ride tonightMeet us after dark if you’re down to ride tonight!

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