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Loophole Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Loophole Lyrics.

Loophole Lyrics

Feel so high
I’m sinking low
Every time, should have said no
Now we go from place to place
It’s a waste
Can’t feel my face
Now I got what I wanted, it’s not what I needed
Why keep on running away from these demons
I gotta chase ‘em, I gotta face ‘em, need to erase ‘em
Time for salvation
I got no patience
Too much temptation
I need my fix

I need to quit, I need to quit right now
I need to fix, I need to fix myself
I need to quit, I need to quit
I’ve lost it, all my thoughts are getting toxic[VERSE 2]
Sinking low
I felt so high
Couldn’t say no, big surprise
Now I feel ashamed for days
Such a waste
Can’t find my place
Didn’t get what I wanted, didn’t get what I needed
Hitting rock bottom while I stare at the ceiling
Take it or lеave it
Shake off my demons
Thеre ain’t no reason
I got a fever
I need some healing
Time for a treatment

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