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Bewafa Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Bewafa Lyrics.

Bewafa Lyrics

[Verse 1 – Frenzo Harami]
Got a new ting, I might shub it on the low
I ain’t on the fraud ting, I put it on a ho
Tell that bitch “Hurry up, it’s nearly been an hour”
Five man back to back, she ain’t had a shower
I got the big ting if you see me limping
Fifty percent, that ain’t really pimping
I just sit back then I laugh
I’m a real pimp, I could never give her half
Now I got a foreign brass in my foreign car
Fucked it once, she got my name tattooed on her arse
Had her doing laps like the Tour de France
I just rinse out the pussy then it’s au revoir
Mashing up the trap, fam I tear the arse
Run up in the crop house, clear the yard
She was calling me bewafa
Now I’m in the yard tryna tear the bra

[Verse 2 – Mr Capone-E]
Bewafa, I told you all my salah
But never did you listen, you after them dollars
I’m cold hearted so why you trying?
I’m a dark kutta, tell me am I lying?
I want all the money, power and pyaar
You want the rishta but all I did was maar
Hazaar ladkis like I’m Genghis Khan
It’s in my bloodline, can’t tell me I’m wrong
I want your sister, friends and cousins
I’m the bewafa so stop wondering
Ain’t no soft spot in my cold heart
This jhootha pyaar won’t get you far

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