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Perfect Day (Reprise) Lyrics

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Perfect Day (Reprise) Lyrics

This day has really been unique
The wind and trees played hide and seek
The sun and clouds danced cheek to cheek
It’s been a perfect day

This day has really been so good
The sunshine shone just where it should
We all feel fine, let’s knock on wood
It’s been a perfect dayJust ask the trees
Sheer perfection
Ask the breeze
No objection
Ask the bees
Near confection
Sheer perfection, no objection, near confection WOWThis day has really been the best
It certainly passed every test
From north to south and east to west
It’s been a perfect dayIt’s been a good day for a flower
It’s been a good day for a tree
It’s been a good day for a mushroom or a toadstool
It’s been a good day for me
This day has really been quite nice
The temperature took our advice
If you don’t mind we’ll say it twice
It’s been a positively absolutely perfect day

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