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System 32.Wav Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you System 32.Wav Lyrics.

System 32.Wav Lyrics


[Verse 1: LVST]
Ay, rip out your spleen
I’ma put one in your tendon
Send that boy to heaven
Legion from a fucking reverend
1911 and a motherfucking blade
[?] putting three hands in your face
In your face, ay
[Verse 2: LVST]
[?] catch a case, ay
Ain’t got time for fucking [?] ay
[?][Verse 3: LVST]
S-S-S-Something snapped within’ my fucking system
Bloody eyes, broken hearts, consuming every vision
Demons [?] the pot I never piss in when they listen
This is why I put my fucking faith inside a christian
[?] deficit, Legion [?] repititive
[?] this is in retrospect
[?] titty, fuckin’ icky
Not talking dizzy, I’ll come to your city
Talk [?][Verse 4: DREAR]
When you’re looking at me, yeah
Oh god, I can’t [?] my system

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