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Flyboi Rell x Woodah – Luck Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Flyboi Rell x Woodah – Luck Lyrics.

Flyboi Rell x Woodah – Luck Lyrics

The water is blue
She catching a clue
Girl I want you
And your best friend
I told her need two

They out of luck
We leveled up
Shawty wassup
Cup of that stuff
She’s falling in love

Down on my luck
I was down on my bucks
Now I’m living it up
I don’t pop up in clubs
Pop up at shows, and I’m turning you up
I pop up stu’s, I pop up in booths
Planting those seeds, while I’m eating the fruit
She rub on my tree, told her I’m groot

Think that I’m lucky, like credit card junkies
Bag up and fly out the country
Pull up like chapo, she calling me guapo
Yo Queiro mucho dinero
Stay on my retro, been smoking that petrol
I’m rolling the antidote, what an ancedote
How I do both, no geico they needing a quote
Don’t know what wrote

Woodah Three Times

Tell еm show up or shut up
I been the man for a while but I’m tryna give back to thе niggas back home that ain’t grow up
Got Pack in the air when I roll up
My lungs and my feet on the same shit nigga can’t slow up
Foot on the gas , when I show up
Her legs in the air , auntie Annie’s the way that she fold up

Im back in this bitch on some more stuff
They saying I’m done , but I’m like why the fuck is you capping
Niggas so worried about standing front of the group that don’t even get to the back ends
Snakes in my circle, I did the math , it won’t adding up so I just had to subtract em
Niggas be thinking that life is a movie , we closing they curtain with all this clapping

Momma like baby what happened
You smoking that shit with a passion
Why you not out here relaxing
I stay around woods like a cabin
But still in the bank I be laughing
My bitches could probably do pageants
I came from the trap now I work for mansion
I want elevation , I pray for expansion
Eating I started from famine
Alone I was feeling abandoned

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