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Heartbeat WITH LYRICS Lyrics

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Heartbeat WITH LYRICS Lyrics

You don’t need to hold you breath
It’s time we take a rest
And stop worrying
About who the impostor might be
Everything will be just fine
And so sublime
The two of us can have a great time
Trust me and you’ll see

Forget about all your fear
I know we’ll have a great time!
Even if there’s ones out there
Who want to commit horrid crimes!
Hey it’s okay!
I won’t let anyone get in our way
And then I know, we’ll get to go
And have a wonderful day!Singing is my favorite thing!
As your true feelings come out and ring
Come on it’s back to you, friend!I am having so so much fun!Doesn’t matter who hears
Don’t worry about your fears!
No matter what happens I’ll be hear!Sing it loud!
SING OUT PROUD!Back to the chorus now!Having fun with my new friend
Wishing this day would never end
So we don’t have to fret
Who is playing pretend!
But who cares?
We can just sing and have fun
And maybe even at the end of the day
We’ll have won!
Can’t you feel your own heartbeat?
Telling you to not scream and just sing!
Come on, it’s your turn again friend!
*Laughter*This is the best song!Everything will be fine
I will stick by your side!
We can do what all crewmates try!Save the day!
Those who try to take us down, now!*Assortments of dadadadadas*What a rush, so fun!
Can we sing that one again?
I would love to keep on singing with
My brand new bestest friend!*Pink making noises*

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