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Baby Annihilation Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Baby Annihilation Lyrics.

Baby Annihilation Lyrics

An alligator prince with crocodile tears, too many to count
Permanent head cold dreams are washing your love
Fallin’ in and out
Time is luck and I wish I was overlapped with more
Or for longer
Orange leaves or the ones falling off trees
The first time I took the mask off, just had another one underneath
I’m just melted wax on a birthday cake
Another year fades away
[?] crushed, pixie fever
Stuck in a waste land
Recovered in glitter and broadcast for a little bit of seroternum
Self sabotage at best, under your spell
And you know what they say
“If you want a job done right, you gotta do it yourself”
This palace was crystal, but this world was a joke
What is there between us? If not a little annihalation

[Instrumental Outro]

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