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Fall Lyrics

“Don’t shake with fear
As I draw near
I’m just a harmless creature
Don’t think me wild
I’m meek and mild
For weakness is my feature
Please have a little pity
And listen to my ditty
I’m not the great Elijah
Who heals heels in Zion City”
I burst through the door
And I say “I Object”
I’m all covered in rain
And I look like a wreck
So I walk down the aisle
And I reach the main hall
And I trip on a pedal
I trip, I trip and

I fall for you
I fall for you[Verse]
I can’t let that happen
But I can’t let you see
Past the joke that I put on
When I flirt irony
So please just be patient
I’m just starting to crawl
But every timе I stand up
I trip, I trip and[Chorus]
I fall for you
I fall for you
(I trip and I fall for you
I fall for you)[Spoken]
There’s rosemary, that’s for rеmembrance
Pray you, love, remember
And there is pansies, that’s for thoughts
There’s fennel for you, and columbines
There’s rue for you, and here’s some for me
We may call it herb of the grace o’ Sundays
You must wear your rue with a difference
There’s a daisy
I would give you some violets
But they withered all when my father died
They say he made a good end[Outro]
“In me you see a novelty
I’m the Ghost That Never Walked”

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