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Mr. Peanutbutter vs Isabelle Lyrics

Animation vs Anything!
Mr PeanutButter

[Verse 1, Mr PeanutButter]
Woah, is that Isabelle? I wish I had’ve known
What is this, an animal crossover episode?
They call me PB, the meaty MC from TV
Greetings, I’m pleased to meet the sweetie 3D queen
Believe me but see here on the proceedings
They plead me to be a meanie, so I’ll weeb this cheesy dweeb
That’s the least of her beady species
This is Mr.PeanutButter’s house, your debts makes mе whimper
You’re trapping children in contract, Nook, linе and sinker
My show displays the struggles in life your games glorifies it
There is nothing more than a gardening sim in your Horizons
So take your dreams of mastering the track and bury it
Cuz your a secretary, not a Secretariat
Your karaoke might’ve won over Twitter
But on the rung of a spitter, You’re just the runt of the litter
And with this flow I’m the Captain the bars I slung are way sicker
Than any twisted spleen or misdemeanor BoJack committed
Really! an island paradise, your ideas has run out
Am I your franchise? Because doggy doggy, what now?
[Verse 2, Isabelle and Resetti]
Goodness, PeanutButter that’s quite the Town Tune
You know it’s customary for me to spit back at you
I’m not the one to drop my professional guise
But I am taking after Raymond, when dispensing a rhyme (aye!)
This Tramp’s had too many Ladies at his spaghetti (aye!)
With all the cheating, I oughtha call up Resetti (hey!)
This C-list actor don’t know the meaning of wealthy
Only green you’ve got is envy, Peanutbutter and jelly[Verse 3, Mr PeanutButter]
I really hate shih tzus with all their passive behaviours
You best not make excuses for all your absence, failures
You really ain’t who you would want your town to call neighbour
With your “vacation juice” and getting Smashed with the Mayor
I’d say Izzy ain’t innocent as she seems
You’re the second kind of bell that I cannot stand at least
That’s all the time we’ve got and while I wish you well
Know that you’ll always be second to Carolyn, Silver Belles
[Verse 4, Isabelle]
You get your flow from watering canned laughter
Tryna become a stand up guy coddling panned actors
Your treatment of your friend, Horseman’s a hard sell
I wouldn’t be shocked if BoJack was behind your bars as well
And this is like your new design, no cap
I find it ironic the Birthday Dad can’t rap
Can’t start a family either because no matter what you do
In the end, the only child in the household is you!
You’re a fad, dog, can’t get a laughter without lots of spunk
Bet this Sad Dog learned his Reactions from Dr. Shrunk
Your acting career living past Philbert is a damn crime
Your pilots get as much airtime as Dodo Airlines
Your pawprint on Hollywoo’s honour oughta to be on the Fritz
Cuz all in all you’re honestly more toxic than chocolate is
I’m named after my hair, It’s the same for this mutt too
They call you PeanutButter cuz you’re nuts and I crushed you!

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