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Twilight’s Hammer (Live 2013) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Twilight’s Hammer (Live 2013) Lyrics.

Twilight’s Hammer (Live 2013) Lyrics

The winds below me
Sing their songs of regret
Their seize their chance
And they know me well
Sunlight still will fall
Waning against the trees
Bringing back autumn
But soon all will fade

Though in my bones
The sighs of regret
Beat against the shore
And the tides of mine
With false purity
Against the strong seas
It will not find
What we have lostWhen the end of time
Seeps into reality
Daylight will know
When to fade into night
And take away their warmth
Letting twilight’s hammer fallThеir Christian hearts will bleed
When the light is takеn away
And I will watch
From atop my throne
And I will never
Walk in the light of christ
And he will never
Take my hate away from me
Soon their light will fade
And all pride stripped away
When our hammers fall
Free minds will prevail
And I will never
Call these prophets wise
And they can never
Ride these winds againYes, i hold all regrets
Bo glory will dull my mind
I will see the end
From my tombs eternal rest

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