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RPT Freestyle Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you RPT Freestyle Lyrics.

RPT Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro: Bando Gz]
Caught him clickin’, man
It’s over then
Wassup, my brother?
Ski, folk, ski, ski

[Verse 1: Bando Gz]
They call me Bando, niggas know that I don’t play ’round
Tdot got the 40, while I’m dumpin’ out the trey pound
Like, [?], get down or lay down
And if I catch a O, it’s still comin’ out the spray ground
The whole block lit, my niggas play with mopsticks
Don’t let me catch you creepin’ on my gun, yo’ body droppin’
[?] a faggot, come slide up if you feel away
We packin’ ratchets, man, my niggas ain’t never play
Don’t [?], I’ma slide and put one in his face
It’s free Jelly, know my niggas locked up in the gates
Six shots is humble, but he quick to let the hammer spark
Walk in the park, you hear the shots, we disappear in dark
He think we lackin’. Lotti Gz pop out the cut
Hе gotta talk, so all y’all niggas better not try and front
Free Baby Gz, we was just chillin’ on thе block
Jump up the opps, they [?], ’bout to get it dropped
They talk on gang, then all my niggas wanna let it flock
And we ain’t bluffin’, me and DThang walkin’ with a chop
Let a nigga act up, I’ma grab the grip
Walkin’ through your ‘jects, I got the 40 on my hip
Spanish lil’ mami, she a thot, get her lit
She heard ’bout OG Bando, now she bitin’ on her lips, gang

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