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14 Pack Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you 14 Pack Lyrics.

14 Pack Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dthang & Ndotspinalot]
I’m not just a drill rapper (At all)
I be spinning, tryna see if I can drill me a drill rapper (What?)
And we done been all around the Bronx (For sure)
Like, who tellin’ us what?
Like, free all my muddies, can’t wait till they touch down (Free my hearts)
Till then we gon’ spin till the sun down (Like what?)
Why [?] she in love now? (Like how?)
Cause she know that I’m sticky (What?)
Ain’t no kisses, ain’t doin’ no hickeys (At all)
Like, we still runnin’ the city (For sure)
And I did a whole lot, nigga (Like what?)
I can’t leave without sitchy (RPT)
I’m just spinnin’ until I get dizzy (For sure)
Ayo Jdot, free you
When you come out I’m tightnin’ your screws
Like hang out the V, send shots at your crew
Like niggas be chattin, they ain’t get boomed at?
Never “Who that?”
We gon’ spin through the ave, send shots where you and your crew at
Like niggas keep sayin’ my name
Like niggas is soft, not real what they claim, like
Told Idot, “Just aim, turn on that beam, send shots at his brain”
Niggas is wack, never put on for the gang
Nigga Swervo got beat, this shit is insane, like
Like who gon’ spin? Like who gon’ ride?
Notti got poked, got sent to the sky
Dumb lil’ nigga, at least he tried
Like I’ma go crazy you touch one of mine
Bro Tell on go, like niggas be chattin’ like he ain’t get back
Like spin through the courts tryna make a new pack
New opp, new opp, now you stuck in a pack
Like JJ with me and this shit gettin’ critical
Spin through the opps so you know we not missin’ you
Justo with me and you know he don’t pick n’ choose
2-3 shots pop out, thats my physical, Like
[Verse 2: Scottie2Hottie]
Scottie2Hottie, I’m wit’ it whenever
B-Bend the Mitch and I shoot through the sweater
Walk-Down-Gang, we do it even better
Big knocks and it poke though the sweater
Fuck with the opps? like what, could never
Pop out, hit ’em, too clever
Scottie2Hottie, I throw better
Try to run, nigga never
Yus my demon, for him, i’ma blitz
I’m a one man army, I’m takin’ that trip
Get out the whip, I ain’t taking no risks
Scottie2Hottie gon’ slide with the stick
I’m a ‘ooter, hop out on the Mitch
Back out, hit ’em, do ’em like Rip
C-C-Hii, Nazzy, Noah got kicked
Grrah, grrah

[Final Verse: Nesty Floxks]
Smoke-smokin’ on Tank now I’m smokin’ on 13 (He’s dead)
Lil’ nigga didn’t make it to 14 (Stupid)
Shoot through the hill and I call [?] (Like what?)
3rd clip, but it came with a beam (At all)
I take one for the guys and the team (Like look)
She a [?] but it’s not what it seems (Like what?)
I’m smokin’ on Caine, while I’m looking for Keem (Keem, Keem, Keem)
She a baba, I’m all in her jeans, (Like) look
See PJ get hit with a hollow (Glah, boom)
Hop out, only I’ma follow (Baow)
BigDieSev, yeah, I stay with a Vato
(Glah, glah)
Free Jah, free Taco, Big Die L’s I’m spinnin’ with [?] (At all)
Free Jah, free Taco, BigDieL’s I’m spinnin’ with [?]
From the 8th to the gates, go way back (What?)
Don’t spin (Glah) my block, that V get flipped (Glah, glah, boom)
Two shots gon’ fuck up his fitted cap (Glah, glah boom)
Most of these niggas ain’t gettin’ back

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