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Voices in My Mind Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Voices in My Mind Lyrics.

Voices in My Mind Lyrics

Caught up in a landslide
Sick of wasting my damn time
Losses making it hard to take
But I don’t give a fuck cuz i don’t fantasize what I could never find

But I know my mind
Sick of walking through the damn fire
Alone and making my way
Know this ain’t the only way
But I dont feel it right now
Feelings quiet down
Sick of walking on the damn line
Burn it all to show what they hiding
Get a high five for the fire hydrant
Pull up with the smoke like its High TimesAnd I got time today
Looking down but ima find a way
Lost inside but we outside to rage
So I dont mind the way it taking time to say
What I could never say
Looking like its all in my mind
Never lost what I couldn’t find
Voices in my mind set me free
Told em all what im finna be

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