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Drake – The Shoe Fits Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Drake – The Shoe Fits Lyrics.

Drake – The Shoe Fits Lyrics


Y’all might wanna skip these one, this is a hard struff
Yea, a hard struff

Look, to all the ladies wonderin’ why
Drake can’t rap like the same old guy
It’s ’cause I don’t know how anymore
I don’t know how, yup
I have my beliefs tested, my faith broken
And half I try to joke and laught, but I just don’t know how anymore
Look, I don’t know how, yup

To all the super triggered women talkin’ down on me
Relax, drink some water, act like you somebody daughter
Can’t get a text from your phone like
Baby, it’s late June, open your blinds, get out the shame room
Maybe you could start gettin’ involved on some shit when you’re not involved
Or maybe you go

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