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Drake (Ft. J. Cole) – Evil Ways Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Drake (Ft. J. Cole) – Evil Ways Lyrics.

Drake (Ft. J. Cole) – Evil Ways Lyrics


[Intro: Drake]
Everything good, everything pure
Everything pure

[Verse: Drake & J. Cole]
Yeah, I got some evil ways
Even through the glasses, you can see the gaze
To find your way up to the top, this shit gon’ be a maze
Vogue’s swaggin’, shit the way I’m runnin’ Beatles’ place
Yeah, and we linkin’ like we free the slaves
I conquered hell, I walked the villain, set my feet ablaze
My heart harder every years likе sneakers that Adidas made
I nеver did the VMAs, I’m not in need of praise
All praise to the born sinners Jesus saves
My brothers runnin’ through the 6ix like the green berets
Beefin’ with a block that’s five hundred feet away
Wheel of fortune, shit, the way they say they need a K
Nah, I only need a raise
And it’s safe to stash these Frito Lays
Times been hard, I watched my momma robbin’ hard just to get Peter paid
And now my paper folded like when teachers don’t want classmates to see your grade
Time is speedin’ now, I see the grades
Pokin’ out this bear, but it’s weird ’cause I feel like I ain’t even age (Yeah)
Y’all seize the rage, feet firmly planted for these precious flowers I’ve been handin’, watch me be the vase
Man, I’m livin’ out Carlito’s way
You niggas ain’t gettin’ no bread, you in a keto phase
Wisdom comin’ out my mouth like some teethin’ pain
My whip used to have the seat displaced where smack DVD would play
Zopiclone baby, I can’t rest without the sleepin’ aids
Bought this nigga jewels, his shit is light, that’s gettin’ reappraised
I bet you see the price and you gon’ be amazed
And broski didn’t do it, he like a piece of art, judge, he was framed
Some feed the J’s to receive a wage
Coke got they nose bleedin’ like the seats where you can’t see the stage
High up in arenas where they see their faves
AKA me and Drizzy Drake, we the wave
Uh, yeah, we the wave
Like Christian Combs with a brush in his hand wants to grease is laid
Shit is 360 like the label deal you signed to get your people paid
Me I got tickets like a meter maid
And 21 my nigga like he celebrate a legal age
Next time I get in Rose Aaliyah face
I hope she tell her people that we need some space
Niggas think I won’t get ’em hit but like like an Indian marriage, it could be arranged

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