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Reload It Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Reload It Lyrics.

Reload It Lyrics

Get around me, you gonna learn I’m often quiet and I’m chill
That’s okay, y’all niggas talkin, talkin, ain’t said nothin still
My old bitch, she was supposed be my rock, she a jabroni
Talkin about you from the boondocks, make me have a nigga moment
See through niggas like they napkins, it weren’t no surprise you folded
That shit I just said, you only gonna understand when you reload it
Ironic, trying to make my wrist look presidential, never voted
Niggas get cut the fuck off just ’cause they tried to pull some hoe shit
Treat the Margielas like soccer balls, I keep on kickin em
I donе seen some slim fine shit but I picked thе thicker one
Niggas playin with my top, act like Lil P ain’t lyrical
I’m flyer than you, I pick better beats, that’s just some trivia

Blackin out 2 minutes straight, you worried bout writin a good hook
Talk to my boy Eurico, he just recommended a good book
Put that shit on, I’m fly as hell, they like “Lil P, thats a good look”
Rest in peace P, I really felt him when he said “You niggas shook”
Told him be cool, he don’t want to
Spit in his face like I’m Carlito
They trying to find me, I’m a young nigga that’s wavy like I’m Nemo
They like “Peso Boy, you stupid, why you hop on beats and go beast mode?”
You niggas out here cuffing freak hoes, that’s remedial
Igor my brother, tight like Future and Casino
Know I’m official once you see me like I’m VEVO
She pushed me back once I started hittin it with the deep stroke
Young Thug, Max B, political prisoners, need to free those
Drop the pin, we’ll knock ’em down, you might thinks it’s bowling
His body got left under the bridge ’cause he kept on trollin
If I ever hurt your feelings, bitch, I did it on purpose
Maison Margiela stepper and that’s why they nervous
I’m real wavy nigga, I should be a surfer
I can’t believe your bitch blocked you and you screamed bloody murder
You said you loved her and she acted like she’s Tina Turner
Ronald said you fried, Wendy and Carl Jr think you’s a burger
Don’t mind me, I’m just sliding ’cause I’m wavy like an 808
I ain’t talking jumper when I say he ’bout to fadeaway
Stop, drop, and roll ’cause we on fire day to day
Got a noti on my phone and it’s a text like “Where you at?”
‘Cause I got rizz now she curious
From boring to mysterious
Press the pedal, she got mad like “Why you driving fast and furious?”
If the mic and me get front to front you know this shit get serious
I might not be thinking straight but all these other boys delirious
Make her, hm, hella wet, turn her into aqua chick
Place a foot on streets I’ve been, I bet they won’t survive the week
Media makes you feel unnoticed, It’s attention that you seek
Every minute post a pic, addicted to the double click
You ain’t really with it if you always need to think twice
You don’t really get it if they always need to act nice
Been through lows and highs, show them the receipt that i did pay the price
Room is smelling like there is a leak up on a gas pipe
Shit light, cracked the code so many times, I’ve been bright
You might get slow problems when addicted to the fast life
I rock 3 stripes, playing with me, you won’t get no 3 strikes
Been a G but pussies trying paint me as the bad guy
Funny how this life turns out to be
Funny how they roll they eyes but deep inside they feeling me
Funny how they wasted all now can’t reload they energy
Be like Messi, wake up, get the trophy, then go back to sleep
Hard to match on the criteria
Why you nosy? Why you asking questions? Are you Trivia?
Paint the scene messy, then I reload it, I light the city up
Like a certain quote, “I may not be jewish but the drip Israel”
Treat the Margielas like soccer balls, I keep on kickin em
I done seen some slim fine shit but I picked the thicker one
Niggas playin with my top, act like Lil P ain’t lyrical
I’m flyer than you, I pick better beats, that’s just some trivia

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