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Lock & load Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Lock & load Lyrics.

Lock & load Lyrics

The black hole inside my heart
It gets bigger like a monster
We were fooled by lies, stop this uh
Faster, stronger, gotta be the best yeah

Bursts like a flame
Break the chain, tell me
You’ll hold my hand till the end, no change
I could take it to the top, nonstop
Take it like a bad gal gal gal
Power, they call me goddess with a blade
Louder, we’re so tough
Show you up
Take you down in one shot
Lock and load la la[Chorous]
La la la la
Onе fire wow
Winner’s blood in my vein
Onе fire wowLa la la la
One fire wow
All the loser yell my name
One fire wow[Verse2]
We got it all in our hands, fatacy
You can’t resist it, always magic yeah
You’re about to hear my name, yes I will be
AllCause ain’t nobody bringing us down
We gonna wear the crown
Will you with me, loud loud loud loud
Keep your eyes on me now
Can you feel the rush woo
My spirit never die
Yuh la la la la

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