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Mollie (2023) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Mollie (2023) Lyrics.

Mollie (2023) Lyrics

I got a tattoo to spite you
Just to find out it was all your plan
You told me you wanted to get one too
And model it after your favorite band

You told me how you wanted to drink that night
And get real deep and shit
Later that night when we met outside
I thought I got myself to commitI’m telling you: You’re killing me
Everytime you look in my eyes
You’re hurting me
Even just by saying goodbye
And I think you know why
But you’re acting so damn shyThe morning after you asked me
If I remembered what I said
I felt nothing but embarrassment
So I lied and said that I didYou kept real quiet and moved on
So I prayed I didn’t slip
You played your music the whole way home
And I prayed that life would stay like thisI don’t need you to watch after me
I’m dumb enough and old enough to be free
Just ask Mollie

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