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Boogus Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Boogus Lyrics.

Boogus Lyrics

Darkest night is here again
Haunting in our name
Oh my darling hear me now: Things are not the same

Golden songs and violent minds, haunt my daily plow
Please be gone lest I decide why, when and howShe left me in a ball of rage Oh to see her now…All the years through quests for power. Give me back the now
Golden songs and memories, haunt my feelings now
Please be gone let me decide why, when and howSo take your leave from me: spirits of the gloom
Blood runs cold and in your veins
See beneath the moonNow I have you in my power
Recant the wedding vow
I have grown much stronger now, strong here and proud
Violent mind, children of the nowNow be gone lest I decide, why, when and how

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