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Bougie Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m black caviar for the crackers
A real class act not a low-class actor
Since I was a kid I’ve been one spoiled bastard
Eating well so me being hungry is not a factor
Mom, she put me on to fine restaurants
Picture me at 13 ordering duck à l’orange
With the table side Grand Marnier flambé
And yall think you’re going hard with your Outback steaks?
Please, I’m done with these imposters
Especially the ones that still living with their mommas
Flipping a couple onions don’t make you a mobster
I give more respect to a great dish washer
A lot of rappers want to shine at the podium
But I’m just not impressed by their cubic zirconium
They asking who am I to be the one that’s exposing them
The chosen one, here to stuff their wounds with sodium
I’m bougie, cuz that’s what it’s come to
Stupid is too slow for intellectual kung fu
I’m a snob when it comes to the 1-2
Put on your thinking caps if you want me to come through
I’m bougie, even though I’m on a budget
My lifestyle, half of yall suckers will never touch it
I’m a snob, cuz I don’t post up with posers
And if you’re feeling me go ahead throw up your noses

[Verse 2]
I’m not a hater I just think a lot
Some of yall couldn’t see your way out of a three-sided box
And it’s frontin’ if you’re faking it
That ain’t a trap house that’s your grandmom’s basement
And I don’t care about your funny style dress code
Your twenty-something now why your reading levels so low?
Some don’t get, it’s so pathetic yo, you’ll swallow rotten flesh before touch a fresh vegetable
And stop neglecting your kin folk
Don’t wanna pay for them
Then what you have kids for?
A bunch of yall were just born with the wrong juice
Critical thinking will never be one of your strong suits
I guess it’s natural selection
Most will follow a few will go their own direction
And if it don’t apply then forget I even mentioned but
It’s time to tell these fraudulent cats to stop pretending
[Chorus][Verse 3]
The problem is yall too ignorant for luxury
It’s more than Michael Jordans and some name brand accessories
It’s summer houses, boats on the water
Exotic escapes to places you never heard of
It’s land in the suburbs, 7 figures and upwards
A net worth you’ll never get until you fix your head first
I’m looking for solutions, you doing Lucifer’s leg work
When did stuck on stupid get cooler than using effort?
Burning bridges when you could be improving your network
Commit to something and even you can become an expert
Some of yall are destined to fail
Or you’re facing a destination that will leave you either dead or in jail
And if it don’t relate to you
I humbly apologize, rock your 9 to 5 ’til your stock and your dollar rise
Otherwise, I’m calling out all the frauds and I’m brave enough to say
That I’m doing it because[Chorus]

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