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Listen To Your Heart Lyrics

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Listen To Your Heart Lyrics

Any day
Lead they way, what’s the way?
Sweet escape from the pain
I don’t want to feel this way
In the end I know I’m probably only hurting myself now

Can I lay my head down?
And if I call you any time or day is gon’ fall through?
Said I’ll pull up on you soon as I get back in town
Got to listen to your heart
Cock the hammer back, aim for the stars
Don’t matter ‘long as you know who you are, ‘long as you know who you are, you know who you are
Eyes closed, they released the day that I’m sippin’
If you want to take it there, I’m wit’ it
Thank God for everything that’s given
Baby ain’t been sober in a minute
Baby ain’t been sober in a while
He need somebody to check on him
Need me to throw a lil’ wеt on it
Top off the bottle, I need some morе medicine
Need some more medicine, I’m tired as ever ain’t tryna be relevant, not at all
I got four-hundred-thousand in jewelery alone, and don’t got a piece from the middle of the mall
We had to struggle, to struggle, to struggle, to sign, to sign, it took forever to ball
I’m the goat of big clubs ’cause we leavin’ holes in flex, and we got their hoes on the wall
And we got the top down, know that I’m the one with the Moncler coat, too fresh
I don’t got no love or trust for women at all, but the one that’s around my neck
We got whatever you need, the birds, the beads, cargo ships on deck
Remember when I ain’t have nun’, and you ain’t have nun’, ran it up together we flex
There’s no more time
I don’t know if you heard but I’m free as a bird, my mind
I sipped a whole lot of syrup went to jail, couldn’t walk a straight line
My coat Versace, my wrists they watchin’ it shine
And they hate wonder why it ain’t mine, it will in due time
You got to hustle for that, you got to want to go double that sack

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