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Jeezy My Cousin Lyrics

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Jeezy My Cousin Lyrics


Going hard on my liver
Feel sorry for my bladder
I stop when I die bitch it don’t even matter
What you doing E shit climbing up the ladder
And staying out the way trying not to get splatted
Dats why I’m on a swivel
Ride with the pistol
If you even think about it hit you in the temple
I up the stick put the barrel on a nigga pimple
Your baby mama sucking on a nigga like her rent due
And my inspiration was ‘Thug Motivation’
Kitchen full of stoves
Trying to fit one in the basement
I been more than patient
Tired of fuckin waiting
Had to go and take it
Right in they faces
You riding in a lemon, nigga you a fruit
Ride pass your Ubеr or your Lyft in a coupe
Yo bitch cheated on you for a chеap pair of boots
She supposed to been left but she keep hitting snooze
In my snowman shirt
Riding with the work
You scared go to church
I take a bow for a verse
And I’ll never let a bitch Bow Wow me
You stay down the street
But pay a out of town fee
And a bitch got her nerve trying to down me
When yo nigga just got fired from Hungry Howie’s
Matter fact he just hit me up for some molly
Told him I ain’t in the area I’m in Cali
Yo buffs foogazie
That shit dangerous
Cause a bum nigga a still pop you and take em
Owe me bread take em by the ankles and shake em
Kidnap his bitch, take her hair then I shave it
Or put Gorilla Glue in it
What they gone do with me
Chopper gone move niggas
Knocking shit loose nigga
Counting up these blues nigga
Bad bitch beside me
You can’t walk a mile in my Balenciagas
I’m so tired of
These lil noggas
Thinking that they problems
Hit em in the noggin
Tell a nigga holla
If its ‘bout dollars
Yo mom shoulda swallowed
Or ate the fucking condom
Got a bad lil bitch, she get on my nerves
Scratch her off the list, kick her ass to the curb
Had to work for this shit
Wasn’t nothing handed
You lil spoon fed niggas take shit for granted
I pull up in a whip I brought from another planet
Bitch I’m a drop a whole M on my Nana
And I’m investing them pros on
What you going broke for
Slang big boulders
Fiend need a blowtorch
Feeling like a Big Tymer with this roll on
Hard to choose
So I had to leave with both of em
When it comes to the bows I Bo guard
Tell her throw that ass back, whats the hold up
She suck my dick with a fruit roll up
Phone ring, nigga net worth rose up
For a pound your dog will a turn Kurupt
I get busy on the first like Bone Thugs
Nigga on the gram throwing up his wrist watch
Got popped now they crying at the fish fry
Anything you got good, bet you stole that shit
Got broke, then sold that shit
You a hoe ass bitch
Yeah I sold that shit
Said I had to come hard I said oh thats it
And when you take em out the wrap
They as white as your teeth
Ain’t gotta speak just have my cheese
Bitch its E

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