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Whirlwind Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Whirlwind Lyrics.

Whirlwind Lyrics

Ha ha
We’re like two squirrels chasing each other
I don’t wear a rubber
I don’t wear a rubber
I’m the Michelin man
Eating Michelin four-star food getting, getting flubber
Like a butterfly I flutter
I was down bad in the gutter
I was down bad in the gutter
I’m on drugs, I’m on drugs
Feeling like a thug, I cannot be touched
Face it, bitch
Roll another blunt
Roll amazing shit
I’m on drugs right
And they saving me
Enough hurt
Enough hurt to my brain
Put that in the oven yeah I bake
Bake it like a cake
Scars are healing
Okay, floating like a lake
Oh for heavеns sake

Fuck a job, fuck school, fuck rules
Jump inside a pool
Jump insidе a pool
Now we’re playing pool
Knock the eight ball in with the white ball
I feel like a fool

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