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Promethazine Dream Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Promethazine Dream Lyrics.

Promethazine Dream Lyrics

Yea Yea Yea Yea

[Verse 1: D Sylv]
If She Perfect, I Serve It
She Giving Brain Like A Surgeon
She A Basic Bitch But She Persian
Take The Bitch Do Shopping At Urban
Im Smokin Swerin On Bourbon
Uh, Check The Phone It’s Urgent
Yes Im Looking For The Pack Im Searchin
Only Do Backwoods I’m Certain
She Don’t Want To Hit The Wood Like A Virigin
Said It Made Her Little Throat Start Hurtin
This The Cutthroat and
We Ride Low
Bitch We Lurkin
Give A Fuck About A Bitch and Her Lil Person
I Done Smoke To Many Woods Now I See Cursive
Tryna Copy Close The Curtain
You Ain’t Like Us It Ain’t Workin
Now Im Perchin Like Kenshin
Go And Grab The Blade Up Out The Kitchen(Yea)
Imma Murk The Pussy Boy Because He Bitchin
Cutthroat Dirty Like We Playin For The Pistons
My Bitch Bad Yea She Lookin Like A Vixen
Ran It Up Can You Give Us Competition
Not Marvel But I Really Got The Vision
Smoking Out The City That’s The Mission
Cutthroat Be The Team And The Money So Long
Been Doing This We Done Set It In Stone
Since Middle School We Done Been Had The Throne
Don’t Need No Help We Been Good On Our Own
Louis Me Down Put That Shit On My Phone
Cheddar on Me Bitch I Got Provolone
Leave Me Alone Or Go Buy Me Vlone
Bitch I’m Good By Myself I Don’t Need You At Home
[Verse 2: TK]
Good By Myself Hoe Don’t Need You At Home
Got A Wood Off The Shelf And I Smoked It Alone (Phew Phew)
Big Gas Know We Smokin On Strong
Got a Big Ass So I’m Stroking Her Long
Big Cash When I Answer The Phone
Got Em Big Mad They Don’t Know What I’m On
Mix Match Dior With The VLONE
She Gon Lick That Cause I’m Bad To The Bone
How Do It Feel To Know Cutthroat The Best
We Just Started This Shit So These Niggas Gon Hate
Gang On The PJ Just Gucci The Frame Got Exotic Propane Ship It In By The Crate
Came From The Bottom We Get It I Got Em Gave Racks To My Momma She Iced Out The Face
Dont Try To Come Back When A Nigga Blow Up Big House In The Hills Buzz Em In At The Gate
Okay We Straight
Big Meal On The Plate We Ate
Back In The Trap We Was Back 10 Deep
12 Beat Down The Door Hide That Pack Just Incase
Put That Shit On My Soul Cause We Thought It Was Fake
Boy You Don’t Know The Trap You Could Never Relate
All Of This Money I Might Need A Rake
Man This Niggas Ain’t Gimmie Shit I Had To Take
Drank Up Pour Up The Potion
Look In The Crowd And It’s Movin Slow Motion
Everything Golden She On Me Like Lotion
100 Round Drum Ain’t No Need For Reloadin
Cause I Was Chosen
Heart Is So Frozen
Got Yo Bitch Open
She Takin Coachin
We Got The Juice So Cutthroat Be The Ocean
Show No Emotion Leavin You Swollen (Lets GO)
In Hillside I Was Hopeless
Traumatized I Was Broken
But I knew I Always Had To Stay Focused
I Knew One Day All These Niggas Would Notice (I Knew One Day All These Niggas Would Notice)

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