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Dats My Word Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Dats My Word Lyrics.

Dats My Word Lyrics

Uh huh
Fuck y’all niggas

Craig Mack is a gentleman thug
That don’t mean that you can’t see a slug
Roll you up in a rug
All night take the grand concourse to take this by force
Hot sauce , Craig Mack is the boss
If theirs competition, y’all niggas lost
Grenade got tossed , blowin’ up shit
Mack World , nigga I ain’t owing y’all shit
I’m emancipated, that means I’m free nigga
Sell 100 CD’s that’s a G , nigga
Carry weapons incase this new world order
Think my life ain’t worth a quarter ?
I’m a dead man walking
Smooth nigga talking
Put you in a coffin
Keeping you alive for extortion
Pullin out techs if it’s drama
Kidnap your mama
Ship her off to Ghana
Fuck you , your honor
You can give me lifeFuck y’all niggas
That’s my word
Fuck y’all niggas with this , that and the third

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