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Shibuya Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Shibuya Lyrics.

Shibuya Lyrics

I’m with all of harmony we posted up in shibuya
I know you don’t like me but I really do not give a fuck
I need a couple bands for a show or I’m not showing up
They all used to hate on me but now they wanna show me love
But now they wanna show me love
I’m not stressing ’cause I know I’m finally going up
Don’t know why they always cloning us
You know I’m posted up with may, jinro in her cup
I’m with your girl she said “coldspades your my favorite”
Every song up on her playlist and they mad cause I get payments
They treat me like I made it but I’m not even famous

Treat me like I made it but I’m not even famous
That boy want a ft then you know I need my payment
They was talking down now we up and we made it
2023 all these racks on me
Too much I can’t count up
Js touched down at haneda
You can tell me something and I got it
If I want it ima cop it
I know, pull on my heart losing control
Tell me something I js wna know
Will you love me through the night
I can treat you right
Js wna be by your side

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