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Her Tears Kill Lyrics

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Her Tears Kill Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Don’t just dream your art, go poppin’ her loss forever
Always a boss to myself to be lost
Losses I take to the cross, still not no believer
Justice wouldn’t serve my help
Never helped no receiver, just been a giver
Need to stop hurting my leaders
Contradictory she knows that I’m stuck in February
Even if I wore a purple ring all around me
Would still be so pessimistic, hate traffic still cannot fix it
My heart drops to less than zero but I’ve never been your hero
What doеs that make me? Supervillain or a nigga
Taking your faults to Janеiro overcrowding my flaws and inferno
Fucked up in my head feel like I’m stuck not a Romeo
Vertigo right off of my own deep sorrow, never been a man to myself
But never borrowed so please tell me what to do
While my hope’s so hollow, please let me know
Secrets ain’t nothing till you say this is forevermore
I loved you so much till this day, it’s the second fall, if I didn’t fuck up
It would have been one year today, if I didn’t fuck up
We wouldn’t have filled pools with our tears, chasing round for you
With my blank ideas, you keep changing every time I happened to see you Walk by, my drugs are just getting on fine, faded off all these lines
Smirnoff leaving me all behind, so careless, relentless
Bleeding out for a second time

Today, I know, I know (Ooh)
I just have to admit it
I can’t live without you (without you)
Baby you’re not alone, baby
Only when I’m with you (only when I’m with)
Does it feel so good (does it feels so good?)
To see the remedy turn blue? (turn blue)
To hear the I love you
When your tears see through
Do you feel the thrill
To see the shine on the pills (shine on the pills)
To feel the time stop still
When your tears just kill

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